The details for the selected certificate are as it follows:

Registry Number NB-00001-08
Issued to Karol Andrea Baquero Arias
Format Physical Certificate
Umbrella Libreduc
Type Certificate of Recognition
Issue Date December 21st, 2023
Place of Issue Melbourne, Australia
Details Certificate issued on the penultimate Pre-Intermediate A-AM session at Milestones English Academy.

The recognition indicates "(...) [for] singing/choreography planning at the Halloween Party Special and for her participation on the (...) course at Milestones English Academy".

Chloe's watermark has been printed in the front and it has been signed with blue ink pen.

Ernesto, Libreduc's mascot, is present in the rear, with no defects.
Curious Facts I am pretty sure she is Karol G. ;)

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