Whenever you need materials for teaching English, Libreduc has your back covered. This section provides with all kinds of MALL-enabled activities for enhancing EFL/ESL students' grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation skills.

Free as in "libre", Libreduc stands for "Free Education" in Spanish.

⚠ Those flashcards marked with this symbol are presented in an objective way, even if rude words are present. Please have a moment to study the list prior to use it in classroom environments.

In the meantine, we are rebuilding this space with the new Phonetic Labs. For any questions, enquiries or suggestions, don't hesitate to drop a line to lightbulb [at] duck.com and you will receive an answer in 72 hours.

Vocabulary Activities Links
Slang and Expressions Aussie Slang
Internet Slang
Irregulars Irregular Verbs (Past Simple)
Irregular Verbs (Past Participle)
Essentials Opposites

Phonetic Labs' Activities Links
Phonemes (Vowels) /ə/ (Computer)
Phonemes (Consonants) /ŋ/ (Singer)
/z/ (Zebra)
/v/ /Vase)
/ð/ (Mother)
/θ/ (Thumb)
/l/ (Leg)
/r/ (Right)
/ʤ/ (Jazz)
/ʧ/ (Chess)
Phonemes (Diphthongs) /aɪ/ (Bike)
/eɪ/ (Train)
/eə/ (Chair)
Phonetic Cardsets Introduction (Start Here)
Cardset 1
Cardset 2
Cardset 3
Cardset 4
Cardset 5
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