Bookland Hi-Tech Series


Ahhhh, reading. That wonderful pleasure of getting into magic worlds, walking on the footsteps of the hero who is going to save the world, the awesomeness of meeting new people and cultures without the need to take a plane for it, even feeling that empathy with the protagonists which are looking for their happiness. That wonderful feeling is universal: from a casual reader to a passionate bookworm.

Maybe you wished your favorite novel to be used as a base for creating a movie. Not all books have the same honor, it is a priviledge to be immortalized into Hollywood's eyes. Brown, Rowling, Moyes, King, just to name some of them.

To bring the world of literature to the big screen is not an easy task, but when it is done, results may captivate loyal audiences. Movies and their respective soundtracks are left for the pleasure of human beings.

Provided the fact not all books become movies, what if you take your favorite book and build up a vision of it through music? Have you ever thought of making the soundtrack of a book for the writer who gave you the adventure?

The objective of the Book Synesthesia Project is to bond literature and music, making tribute to the original writers and their works, through music. Bookland is a personal work where several books of different writers receive an unique musical experience, everything possible thanks to the use of virtual instruments, hence the term Hi-Tech.

The first in-production single, Between Paths, rescues Carolina Savard's vision of the world between humans and spirits. This work needs polishing by lots, nightlies are published in this landing page from time to time. If you are interested in further updates, please look for me on Instagram. Memories of a Dream is available for online reading on Wattpad (in spanish).

More works are coming soon, stay tuned.





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